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Founder of Taoism

The founder of Taoism is Lao-Tzu. The literal trans-lation of his name is ancient child. There isn't much known about his life.

Taoist Scriptures

Tao Te Chingthe main Taoist text

Taoism Levi Ohanenye

The Three Pure Ones

Jade Pure One: he is the main god of the Three Purities, and he is said to have appeared out of nowhere in the beginning of time

The Supreme Pure One: he works for the Jade Pure One. His main task is spreading scriptures to lesser gods, and common humans.

Grand Pure One: is thought to have originated in numerous forms. One of the forms was as Laozi, the author of the Daode Jing.

Basic Beliefs of Taoist

The main belief of Taoism is to become completely in harmony with nature and act freely. This principle is called Wu-Wei. By practicing this princple and having an unformed mind you will be free of any assumptions, and you can see and react naturally.

Practices of Taoist

- Various Rituals and Ceremonies- The use of divination - Techniques for strengthening and calming the body

Taoism is one of few religons that promotes the equality of women in all aspects of society. Therefore, a great part of the spirituality of Taoism is finding balance in oneself in terms of being masculine and being feminine.

Role of Women in Taoism

Main Taoist Rituals

- funeral rites or periodic rites-rites on behalf of local communities

Ying Yang: Balance

What is Taoism?

Diffusion of Taoism

Although Taoism never diffused out of China, it did diffuse throughout China. Taoism didn't diffuse out of China because Chinese felt that if outsiders wanted to practice Taoism, they could come into the country.

Taoism never diffused out of China, but had widespread diffusion through China. - ASU DHAKAL-AJAY PRABHU-ANNABELLE KIM on smore.com

A map, showing the sacred Taoist mountains.

The mountains of China have long been places of great inspiration and support to Taoist practitioners. - Elizabeth Reninger, about.com

Taoist Missoinaries

Taoism has never had any official missionaries, as it has never prospered outside of China. There have been some cases where an martial arts instructor, or Taoist doctor may endorse the faith outside of China.

The chief goal of philosophical Taoism is to conserve life’s vitality... - Michael Gleghorn - ligonier.org/

Various Taoist Beliefs



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