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Taoism (by iblemiss)


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Taoism was found in 500 BC by Laozi.

This symbol is called the yong/yang. This symbol is well known wordwide. The meaning of this symbol is that everything in life has to be balanced. For exampe like day to night like night to day. ASsone might tell the two clors of the symbol is black and white this is because it represents the polar opisites. This sysmbol has exsited for more than 2500 years. This symbol also represents the power of nature.

Taoism is originated in China. Also this religion is a religion and philosophy.

Taoism has 9 principal philosophies : 1.The Goal is Contentment 2.Oneness — A Holistic View 3.Manifestations of the Tao 4.Nature is Unkind 5.Society versus the Individual 6.Humanity and Justice are Artificial Values 7.Non-interference 8.Camouflage 9.Desires and Limitations tao.org

The light blue color is where Taoism developed.

This is the Taoist Temple in Cebu.

Resources: >google.com/imagens >tao.org >http://taoism.about.com/



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