[2015] nursain mukhambetov: Taoism

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[2015] nursain mukhambetov: Taoism

Tao is pronounced with a D sound even though it is sometimes spelled with an English T.(Dao).Taoism was not created on a certain day and not really founded by anyone.People think that the first organizer of a Taoist school was Zhang Daoling.People believed that the person who started the ideas was Lao Tzu, now pronounced Laozi. now historians now believe that he was a legend, not a real person. The Tao is not worshiped and is not thought of as a god either.The meaning of the Tao is “the way.” Also sometimes Taoist refer to the tao as mother and the son at once in my opinion it is little confusing to have three meanings for the same words.In the teachings of Tao Te Ching, he used a visual of a female to represent mother of the universe.The Taoists believe that everyone should try to make the world a better place.In the 1960s in America many hippies adopted modern taoism i never knew that and I found it really interesting to know that modern people went back and took that ancient religion. Taoists can’t harm or do any job that envelope hurting people.The Tao can’t be really described in human words but the words can give hints.Only way to achieve the true understanding of Taoism is to practice with a Tao master.Priest must train under hard conditions and be highly disciplined. They also study music.

Yin and Yang

Taoism originated around 142C.E.in 3rd and 4 th centuaries Taoism growed Taoism reduced by 99% in 10 years after the communits took over china in

Yin Yang is a circle made of two fish like shapes of black and white that collided in one and have one dot of the opposite color inside of them. Yin and Yang are not fighting when they’re together, even though they might look like they do. However, in truth they are in peace. I personally like the idea of of Yin and Yang and how it was developed the idea so long ago.Yin (the white side) represents all that is active warm, energetic, and refers to male.Yang (black side) represents everything that is not active, cold, and refers to female.

Lao Tzu

People believed that the first foundation was Lao Tzu which is pronounced Laozi now historians believe that he was a legendary figure.


Taoist tempel image from http://bblmedia.com/remote_mountain_temple_china.htmlTaoist temple ciling image from http://www.123rf.com/photo_18084706_colorful-ceiling-inside-chinese-temple-showing-popular-feng-shui-sign-balance-between-wind-and-water.html Yin and Yang image from http://tomajjavidtash.com/2014/12/30/yin-yang-the-geometric-equivalent-of-the-golden-ratio/Lao Tzu image from http://www.searchquotes.com/quotes/author/Lao_Tzu/Ying and Yang video fromhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezmR9Attpyc


Here some information about Taoism

A Taoist video



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