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Social Studies

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The most important contribution towards the culture of Tanzania has been done by the language. More than 100 languages are spoken in this country.

The various forms of Tanzania culture are language, painting, sculpture, national anthem, popular dance music and art.

Various music bands like Ottu and Sikinde are also much popular that impact Tanzania's culture.

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Here's a cool link to learn more about Tanzania!!!! http://www.infoplease.com/country/tanzania.html

There is limited space & resources in schools. (i.e. No desks, chairs, teachers, blackboards etc.)

Most parents send their child to secondary education because they can't afford primary education, which affects their life in the future.

Education is the basic right & yet 47% of children in sub-Saharan Africa do not attend school. Many children come to streets thinking they will be able to obtain schooling.

Tanzanian Music

Aproximatly, a billion people live without drinking water. A big portion of these people live in Tanzania. Tanzania has many troubles in getting fresh water to drink. A child dies every 19-21 seconds from not drinking water or drink bacteria and unhealthy water. People can get diarrhea, be dehydrated, and the worst of all, die. Kids, especially babies, are affected the most from the contaminated water. Not only is drinking the water dangerous, but collecting the water is dangerous too. Women have to travel by themselves, carrying 40 pound jugs, and it takes them days to get to the lake and back. Often they are attacked and killed on their way to get fresh water for their families. When they are getting water, they don't have to learn, earn an income, and spend time with family. Poverty, education, and health, are impacted by the water crisis. A solution for the water crisis is a water filtration system.


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