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Social Studies

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Learn more about Tanzania!http://safariweb.com/tanzania/facts.htm

Education In TanzaniaOnly fifty percent of the children attend primary schools, and just four percent choose to attend fee-paying secondary schools. However, adult literacy campaigns have achieved high levels of literacy.

Health In TanzaniaBasic medical care is provided by the state and private (mainly Christian) are provided by health centres. Rural areas are served by local clinics.

Tanzania Teamwork

Economy In TanzaniaThe economy is undergoing slow growth, shortage of foreign exchange, and agriculture, in particular, from lack of credit and equipment. However, coffee, cotton, sisal, tea and diamonds are in rich supply and Zanzibar is the world's third largest producer of cloves.

Politics In TanzaniaFormer President Julius Nyerere's philosophy of Ujamaa guided Tanzania's development for 21 years until he retired in 1980. His successor, Ali Hassan Mwinyi, oversaw a relaxation of these policies and moved the country towards its first multiparty elections last year. The new Union President is Benjamin Mkapa, a former journalist.


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