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Tinga Tinga is the name of the art works and handicraft items which are produced in Tinga Tinga Cooperative (TACS) based in Tanzania. The Cooperative was established by relatives of Edward Tingatinga in 1990 . Edward Tingatinga was an artisan born in South Tanzania around 1936 and in 1968 he started to paint colorful paintings which became very popular among expatriates in Tanzania. Edward Tingatinga died in 1972. Today, the popular style has spread even outside the group of Tingatinga´s relatives and tourists may find Tinga Tinga art works and handicraft on many places in East Africa.

The major representatives of Tanzanian figurative art are the Makonde people, who are throughout East Africa for their original and often fanciful carvings. Makonde carvings are made from ebony wood. The Makonde are one of the five major tribes in Tanzania who originally migrated north from Mozambique to the southern Tanzanian highlands. They are internationally famous for their intricate carvings, based on Life, Love, Good and Evil and which form their beliefs about the origins of man.


Education is the basic right & yet 47% of children in sub-Saharan Africa do not attend school. Many children come to streets thinking they will be able to obtain schooling.Children & adults in rural areas believe that a better life is easily available in urban areas. They go to urban areas seeking better life, but ending up in the streets).Poor families with children who are at risk of coming to the streets. 30-40% of families (the % is a study of just a few areas, not whole of TZ) are at risk of having a child run away due to poverty, family breakdown and the lure of urban life.

The most important contribution towards the culture of Tanzania has been done by the language. More than 100 languages are spoken in this country. After the independence, the government of the country found it very difficult to administer. So it introduced Swahili language as the official language.

Makonde sculpture


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Tingatinga painting


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