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Social Studies
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People in TanzaniaThe people in Tanzania are having to deal with soil degradtion and droughts. They can't plant crops, and that's a shortage of food.

LandscapeThe climate varies from tropical along the coast to temperate in the highlands. It has plains, highlands, and a central plateau. Tanzania has many natural resouces including hydropower, gold, and natural gas. The vegetation is mostly grassland, some desert.

TanzaniaRegion: Savanna

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Mt. Kilamanjaro!

Ethnic and Religious GroupsEthnic: 99% African, 1% Asian, Arab and EuropeanReligious: 30% Christian, 35% Muslim, and #5% have indigenous beliefs

WildlifeThe animals in Tanzania consist of over 20 species. Some are elephants, giraffes, hippos, zebras, and rhinos.

Land Use12.25% of the land in Tanzania is arable, you groe permanent crops in 1.79% of the land, and you can do whatever you wnat with the rest of the land.

Did you know that Tanzania holds the tallest free stnding mountain in the world? It's Mt. Kilamanjaro!


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