Tanzania at a Glance

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Social Studies

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Tanzania at a Glance

~Music is used very widely in Tanzania as a form of expression~In traditional music, instruments like the goblet drums, tuned cylindrical drums, and tin rattles are used. Another genre, Taraab, has Islamic roots. Founding bands of Tanzanian dance music, dansi, used brass and percussion instruments.

"Tinga Tinga" is a type of art in Tanzania that makes use of enamel colors and decorative patterns to illustrate animals

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Education in TanzaniaChildren attend seven years of primary education (ages 7 to 13), have four years of secondary education (ages 14 to 17), and finally, two years of advanced secondary education (ages 18 and 19).Challenges -many children don't have the skills expected of them for their grade-some students are often absent, caught up in work or household activities-learning conditions vary widely

Masai warriors of Northern Tanzania

Tanzania at a Glance

Tanzanian flag

. . .Swahili, the national language of Tanzania, is also spoken in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique, Rwanda, and Somalia. . .

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