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Tanya Vollenweider




What is Bio Technology?

Studies and Current Events


Tanya's role models growing up were Francis Crick and James Watson. These scientists discovered the structure in DNA. Tanya always found their research interesting and they became her idols.

Tanya Vollenweider. She was born in New Delhi, India. She was raised by her father, a gastroenterologist, and her mother, a fourth grade teacher. She has one younger sister. Her family still resides in India. Tanya came here after her undergrad to persue a PhD from UMDNJ (now Rutgers) in biochemistry and molecular biology.

In high school, she had the option to avoid math and take two sciences. Since she was not good at math, she took advantage of the opportunity given and took Bio Technology which she ended up loving. She always knew she loved science and made it a goal to receive her PhD. After high school, she attended college in India and chose Bio Technology as her undergrad. Her dad was a big influence on her decision to become a scientist considering he is a doctor. Tanya always heard that America had the best technology and resources which is one of the reasons why she came to America to study. She was accepted to 1 out of the 13 programs she applied to. America encourages a lot of international students to come here and study, they even offer to pay for tuition and give her a stipend so it was a great benefit for Tanya to come to New Jersey to continue her education.

It is using the discovery of science to improve human health. One can cure diseases with bio technology - this is how many antibiotics and medicine are made.

Tanya studied how Vitamin D is broken down in the body. She got married last summer to Daniel Vollenweider, a high school science teacher. She claims that he is the reason why she has much better perspective on American Education.She is currently teaching Bio 101 on Essex Community College. She also received her PhD in July. Her dream job is to work for a pharmaceutical company.

Tanya explained that in India school systems are not based on towns that the children live in. Instead, it depends on if you can afford to go to the best school- sort of like a private school. In India, your priorities are to get good grades, and study. High school education is great in India but college education is much better in America.

Role Models

September 1, 1987 - Present

Tanya Vollenweider


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