Tanukis skinned for their fur

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Tanukis skinned for their fur

foodtanukis are omnivores they eat berries, lizards, fruit, and even poisonous frogs there saliva apparently dilutes the frogs poison there is a lot more they eat but we would be here forevery if i listed everything .

discriptiontanukis are similar in shape to foxes but have marking similar to raccoons.


tanukisskinned for their fur


facts about tanukis and fur farmstanukis are skinned for there fur on fur farms, fur farms are little farms for foxes dogs cats tanukis and other verias animals fur farms are places were animals are raisded to be skinned for there fur its a little unseteling to hear but thats what they are fur farms are also very unsafe and the animals are put in harsh condeshones with cages barly bigger then there body and never cleaned for 7 monthes and then skinned for their fur the animals that die before getting skinned are fed to the other animal and the animal develop phsical and sycilogical problems animals with coats that cant be sold are put in to other markets for people to eat yes very sad but its true peta and other animal rights orgenasationts are againstes this idea of fur farms and put up cambaines to stop fur farms but fur farms do still egzist and will keep egzisting untill people stop wearing animal fur and stuff and i think some animals will become extinked do to fur farms




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