Tanks In WWI

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Social Studies
World War I

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Tanks In WWI

Tanks were so effective in World War I because of intimidation. Soldiers had never seen anything like them. Bullets were almost useless to the tanks armor but mortars could be pretty effective. Soldiers could walk behind the tanks and be safe from enemies. The tank was also used to fight trenches because they could penetrate the enemy lines.

Historical Background

1915- British invents the first tank 1916- Tanks are introduced to the war

"On September 15th, tanks made an en masse attack at the somme." said the authors of History Learning Site. One of the first tanks was called "Little Willie" and it was very slow and couldn't go over bumby terrain very well. Also it's armor wasn't very thick. But the tank was still effective. In the article "Little Willie" the author states,"There is no doubt that the appearance of armored tracked vehicles in the numbers provided gave a tremendous advantage to the Allies in the war." Just the look of the tank could send the army running.

Historical Question

Why were tanks so effective during WWI?


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Answer / Info

"Anyone who experienced World War I close-hand was grossed out by it forever. It was so awful." Amity Shlaes

WWI Tanks

Lozenge Tank

Tanks in WWI


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