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Hometown: HoustonCurrent Town: TangerineFamily: The FishersBest Friend : Joey CastelloFavorite thing to do: Play soccerA favorite memory: Winning the championshipposter yourself



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"We are the War Eagles"-Edward BloorI"m like a big leauger in a little league"-Edward Bloor

Conflict Blog

Hey guys, I am going to tell you one conflict I had when i was in the town of Tangerine. It was our middle school soccer champioship. We had practiced and worked so hard to reach here. When we arrived in the stadium there were fans cheering, people with posters. The atmosphere was great. I was on the sideline as usual watching. Everything was going fine until our goalie Shandra Thomas got injured. Of course they put me in. I was making some great saves,and we ended up scoring to make it 1 0. But then the other team had a penatly called. It was up to me to guess and try and save our team. The kicker was Gino. one of the best penalty takers in the district. I dove the wrong way but luckily he missed. We had won, that was a big conflict for me, but luckily the tension didnt get to me and I had managed to get through the game.


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