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Tangerine Times: Special Issue

Two teens accused ofalleged murder androbbery Two teens, Erik Fisher and Arthur Baueraccused of committing the murder of tangerine farmer Luis Cruz have been found guilty at the Fishers' home in LakeWindsor Downs. Bauer, 17, on commandsfrom Fisher, 16, struck Cruz in the side of the head, knocking him out on the ground.Cruz survived, however, six days later he met his fate and died of an aneurysm. Themeeting at the Fishers' house also dicusseda private reveal of items that had been stolenby the duo from multiple homes. The homes were tented to exterminate termites with a deadly gas. Again Fisher kept watch whileBauer stormed to houses with a U.S. Armygas mask. Two of the stolen items are a Rolexwatch, $900, and antique pearls, $500. Thewatch was recovered and the pearls were not.The duo distributed the items to their school-mates, particularly girls.This is very significant to the counties of Tangerine and Lake Windsor, because Erik was well-known as a good man across both counties. This has been a relief, however, since the reveal of the events that have occured recently.

Lake Windsor HS playerdies of lightning strike!Lake Windsor High football player Mike Costello has died due to a lightning strike. He was leaning against a goalpost when the lightning struck and killed him. He was the captain of the football team and was already accepted into FSU. The LWHS football team has lost their leader, and they will have to reluctantly pick another. He will be greatly missed. THis relates to my theme because it shows that the football team and the remaining Costellos will have to fit in without their leader.


The theme I think represents the novel Tangerine is Fitting In. I think this represents the main idea of the story because the Fishers have gone through moving a lot. Erik can easily fit in, with his looks and deceivery, but little Paul has trouble fitting in. Paul had moved to Lake Windsor from Houston in the summer. He had already moved before that, from Huntsville, Nebraska. WhenPaul arrived in Lake WIndsor, he immediately started attending Lake Windsor Middle. He had a hard time fitting in, especially with the adults. Coach Walski, their soccer coach, kicked Paul off of the team because he had an IEP. Paul was devastated. Another hard thing to deal with in his life is his super-thick glasses. At Lake Windsor Middle, he was called Mars because there was a rumor that he stared at a solar eclipse too long and went partially blind. The hard truth is revealed at the end, when Paul finds out that Erik and VIncent Castor had terrorized him by prying his eyes open and spraying white sparypaint into them. Paul is blown away, his whole life he had believed it was because of a solar eclipse. So, Paul has to fit in a lot.

Times special:Luis Cruz' death...

Interview with Tino Cruz, Luis' brother.Times: How do you feel about this tragedy to your brother?Tino: I honestly think that those big scumbags should go die. They will pay for what they did to my great, successful brother!Times: What do you think should happen to Arthur in juvenile prison?Tino: I hope they whip him and scold him until he is only a puny weakling squirming in the corner of his dirty room. I hope he suffers to the point where he can't move, just like Luis now.Times: Do you think Erik Fisher deserves more than house-arrest? Where do you think he should be now?Tino: That wimp deserves more pain then his stupid buddy Arthur. He is the one who ignited the bomb that sent out all this stinking CHAOS! He deserves to die, if you ask me. He deserves to be killed! He should rot in hell!Times: Okay, Tino, thanks for contributing to this special issue of the Tangerine Times! We really appreciate your presence!Tino: Oh, no problem. I had to get this out into the public sooner or later.Times: Okay, thanks again, Tino! Take care!Tino: Uhh... see ya, I guess.


Luis CruzLuis Cruz (1978-2003) was a hard-working man who recently was killed due to an aneurysm. He was born to Tomas Cruz and his wife in late 1978. Tomas was a produce farmer, and Luis quickly joined his father to help with his duties. At age 12, in 1990, he was cutting branches from a tangerine tree, sitting on a tree branch while he did it. While he was working, he slipped and fell ten feet to the ground, and his scissors fell straight into his knee. He got up, limping, but thought his injury was fixable. The next day, when he woke up, his knee was "the size of a soccer ball." Tino Cruz, his 12-year-old brother, said that to Paul Fisher, his friend while telling Luis' story. Luis said this when he told Tino when Tino was eight. THis is a very important quote because it shows that Luis exaggerates things, and maybe that he came from a low-income home and hadn't recieved much education, speaking that his father was a farmer. Luis was then rushed to the hospital where his knee was ruled broken. He limped all the way until his death, a reminder of his rough past in Tangerine County.

Luis falling from his tree, August 1990.


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