Tang Dynasty

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Tang Dynasty

Li Shi Min had great power and was able to control the army very well in A.D. 618. His father Li Yuan was the emporer until A.D. 626. He realized that he needed to make his new empire stable. So he assigned rich military aristocrats to northern border provinces. Than he gave them inexperienced soldiers. So he trained them during deadly winters. He kept a close watch on the border militias by sending out inspectors. He was able to expand the empire and return China to the size of the Han empire. His generals became so famous that statues were made for them.


630 - Tang dynasty defeats Turkish 636 - Invasion of Japanese762 - Invention of Chinese chess 907- Fall of the Tang dynasty

Some accomplishment that had been accomplished during the Tang dynasty would be they invented chess. They also set up a strong army that gave them great control of the borders. For they couldn't get attacked, so it started border wars. The chinese also they returned to China with glass, rugs , horses, precious metals and stones. They also reopened the silk road. They also stuided many medicines. They also invented gun powder.

Lasting Impact

Our Dynasty is superior becuase it was during the Golden Age. It was a time period when it was peaceful and prosperous.


- May come with a harsh ruler-May come with goverment officials that believe in different religions-May have to go through harsh military training

Tang Dynasty

Li Shi Min




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