Tamara and Elephants

by Grade4E
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Life Science

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Tamara and Elephants


The forest elephant dines heavily on fruit and leaves, twigs and bark. The elephant needs more salt in his diet. The elephant brakes his food and put it the in his mouth.

On every day a big elephant eats betwen 200 and 900 pounds,the elephant drinks to 190l water on a day.The elephants favorite trits are fruits.When the dry sesong is comming and the grass is withered elephants eat barks with 5cm sharp needls.

Elephants also use their trunks to pull plants out of the ground and put them under their feet so they can pull out the leaves

The elephants get there food with his trunk and his feet.An elephant can use the trunk to pluck fruit and leaves from a tree more then 9m.


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