Talking Walls

by ElizabethCoomer
Last updated 4 years ago

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Language Arts
Reading Comprehension

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Talking Walls


InstructionsMON.__________ 1.Read pgs. 332 and 333. Think about the skill Fact and Opinion. Do the write part on pg. 332. Be sure to write the statement. There should be 6 statement sentences. 2. Begin to the LearnZillion lessons LZ970TUES._______ Read the Vocabulary Strategy on pg. 334 & 335. Use the Glossary in your book to find the meaning of each highlighted word in the story Class Art. Write the word and it’s meaning on paper. Do Learn Zillion Lesson LZ971. 2. Do the write part at the bottom of pg. 335. WED.________ Read the Story "Talking Walls" without the audio. 2. Complete another LearnZillion lesson LZ972 as well as any other work you didn't finish on Tues.THURS._______ Complete Learn Zillion lesson LZ1442. Start working on your seatwork. Plan out and make a Mural. Follow the directions for this project.FRI.______ Take your selection test and complete all work that may not be finished. Complete the last LZ lesson.LZ1443 Post your work onto the Glog. Describe your Mural, Post Vocabulary work, and 5 of the definitions. 2. Read the level reader assigned to you. THERE WILL NOT BE EXTRA TIME TO COMPLETE. ALL WORK SHOULD BE TURNED IN ON FRIDAY!

LZ970, LZ971, LZ972, LZ1442, LZ1443


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