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Talk Book

Imagine that you are an orphan,and you went to a secret acadamyand learned how to be a spy, so you're sipping tea with your foster family and a strange lady comes in and this strange lady comes in and drops a note on the floor telling you to go outside, so you sneak outside and the lady is sitting in an old rusty roadster, before you know it your stuck in a awful car with an awful person and hours later you arrive in a little abandoned town and things start getting a little wierd. You're mission is to retrieve a statue called the bombinating beast an old legand, it's scary looking thing, but it's quite valuable. The awful person that you're with is S. Theodora Markson.

~Lemony Snicket~Who could that be at this hour?Lemony Snicket has been given an award in honors. He has also writen several books. Lemony Snicket is not his real name, it's his pen name. He is the main character in his books.

My Book talk book!By: Ashlyn C. (Q. O. B.)

So, Do you ever retrieve the stlen object?, Do you ever get away from Theodora?, Do you ever find out what the S. stands for?Do you ever find out who's standing behind you?

This is the best book ever!Remember!, Be sure to buy your bacon when you are in Bacon Land!

Be sure to read this book!


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