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making of a perfect Islamic state; such as thieves and murderers were also given very harsh punishments, often without a proper trial. This led to a significant decrease in the overall populations of countries in the Middle East, especially of those in which the Taliban had the most power, like Afghanistan and Pakistan. There was also a drastic decrease of educated civilians, as well as the number of children attending school.

The Taliban

Influence Over the Middle East

More on the Taliban: http://www.cfr.org/terrorist-organizations-and-networks/taliban/p35985?cid=marketing_use-taliban_infoguide-012115#!/


Rising in 1994, the Taliban is an Islamic fundamentalist group dedicated to making the Middle East a place of perfect Islamic religion. Originally led by Mullah Muhammed Omar, the Taliban first arose in the Pashtun regions of South Afghanistan as a movement against local warlords that had abducted and raped a group of Afghan women. Claiming to be an army of religious students dedicated to gaining control of Afghanistan by ending the post-Soviet civil war, they originally had the support of both Pakistan and the Afghans. However, they soon gained a negative reputation worldwide for being behind many major acts of terrorism and for being allies with the leader of Al Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden. The Taliban has also been known for its ignorance and violations toward human rights, especially those of women.

The Taliban placed many restrictions on the public and social lives of both men and women all throughout the Middle East. Women could no longer leave the house without a male accomplice or get a proper education; much less work. Both genders had to wear special items of clothing that followed Islamic laws, and when men reached the age of fifteen they were required to join the Taliban army. It was also obligatory for men to grow beards. For those who broke laws such as these there were severe consequences, such as public beatings, and sometimes even death. People who interfered with the

My literature circle book I am Malala is about how a young Pakistani girl named Malala's life changes drastically after the Taliban takes control over her country. It is her story on how she fought to receive an education amidst their constant threats and how even after they almost killed her she refused to give up and pushed even harder. Because of this, for my topic of this project I decided to focus on specifically how they (as in the Taliban) influenced and changed not only Pakistan but the entire Middle East, as well as the negative effects that followed these changes.


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