Tale Of Two Cities

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Tale Of Two Cities

Book Two:Paris

Book One:Paris

Rich Aristocrats flee to England for salvation from the revolting lower class

Book Two:Paris cont.

Jarvis Lorry gets a message to wait for a woman in Dover

Book one England

Jarvis Lorry meets with Miss Manette to discuss her father who is now out of prison

Book Two England cont.

Charles Darnay marries Lucie Manette

Charles Darnay is on trial for treason

Book two:England

Marquis Evrémonde runs over a peasents son in his carrige and throws the man some coin in return, laughes and rides off

Tale of two cities

Book Three:Paris

Book Three: England

Lucie and Miss Pross go to Tellsons to get help from Mr. Lorry with Darnay's trial

Darnay, being English aristocracy, is thrown into prison durning the revolution.


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