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How is Talc Mined?Talc is Mined by using open-pit surface mining. Miners and land owners plan well before they start to mine.


Is Talc rare or valuable?Talc is valuable, because of its softness, it is valuable in industry.

Where is Talc Found?-Texas -California-Germany-Austria-South Africa-Scotland

What are the uses for Talc? The uses of talc are baby powder, antacid tablets, foot powder, paint, rubber, insecticides, and paper.

The Chemcial Compostion:H4Mg3Si4O10(OH)2

How abundant is Talc?Talc is a common mineral and is very abundant.

What is the characteristics of Talc?The characteristics of Talc is its softness, chemical inertness, lamellarity, whiteness, and organic chemical.

Color: Colorless, white, pale green, or brown These are the usual colors of the stone.Streak: White If you ground up a piece of talc, it would crush into white dust. Transparency: Translucent crystals, opaque masses If you look through a crystal of talc, it would look blurry. Big pieces of talc cannot be seen through at all. Luster: Silky, waxy, pearly If you shine a light on talc, it will have a little reflection that will make it look silky or have a glow like pearls have. It might have a waxy shine like candles. Cleavage: Perfect It will break smoothly along the same lines no matter how many times you break it. Fracture: Uneven When it is shattered, the pieces are uneven. Magnetism:None It will not attract, or be attracted to, a magnet. Hardness: 1 It is very soft. You can scratch into it with a fingernail. Specific gravity: 2.7 – 2.8Crystal Shape: Monoclinic If you picked up Talc, it would not appear to be heavy or light for its size.


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