Taking Flight

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Taking Flight

It is the day of the first round of the finals and Dylan and Kimi are walking in holding hands without Jason. Jason sees the two walking in as he was waiting there already. he runs up to Dylan and shoves him to the ground out of severe Jealousy of all of the love that he gets from Jack and Kimi. Dylan gets up and yells at Jason that he well regret that and Dylan walks away with Kimi. As part of the Australian team he must stand with Jason and Dylan isn't very happy with it. Jason whispers to Dylan don't mess up loser and Dylan is now furious. As soon as the starting buzzer goes of Dylan throws the plane with all of his anger and might and the crowd watch the plane go into the distance.


Taking Flight starts with a scene in which Dylan's classmates waiting to surprise and congradulate him for his recent win in Japan. After the celebrations it shows Dylan's new life that is taking place two years later in Sydney after Jack saved up enough work money to afford a new house there. In a couple of days of being in Sydeney Dylan excitedly wakes Jack up to show him a letter he recieved earlier in the mail. As soon as Jack sees the colourful plane logo on the front of the envelope he knows that there is another paper plane competition to come. They called Jason who was now Dylan's friend to see if they could take him to the competition as well. After they pick Jason up from his house in their new car they start to take him to the airport. While Jack is driving Dylan and Jason are talking about the planes that they will fold for the competition and Dylan questions why Jason always wears adidas clothing.

On the plane to Darwin Dylan is practicing many different ways of folding his planes for the different competition events. When he goes over to see Jason, Jason is just watching a movie and not practicing any planes or folding techniques at all. When Dylan asks Jason why he is watching a movie instead of practicing he just shrugs and says I don't need practice I've got enough skill to win the competition three times over. Dylan is frustrated with Jason and stomps away in a very mad and frustrated manor. After Jason sees Dylan walk away like he did Jason was very frustrated with the attitude that he was getting from Dylan so he decided to come up with a ploy to ruin his chances in the competition. He arranges to meet up with Jason at another long swimming pool to practice throwing planes and try to work through their problems. The training quickly turns into a heated argument between Dylan and Jason until they are interupted by a very beautiful paper crane that flies inbetween them. When Dylan picks the crane up and unfolds it he sees the phrase "do emus dream of flying?"; at first he was confused but then he remembered that two years earliers he had sent the same message to his girlfriend Kimi when she was in Sydney. Dylan sees Kimi and runs to the end of the pool and gives her a hug. The three go out to eat at a local food place and share stories that have unfolded in the two years without seeing each other. Jason was still hostile towards Kimi.

JACK: Jack is Dylan's loving and supportive father who has only recently lost his wife (Dylan's mother). After Dylan helped Jack out of his depression Jack became a very supportive, kind hearted, loving and interested character who will do anything to keep his son happy.DYLAN: Dylan is a kind, considerate, compsassionate and determined 15 year old boy who spends most of his time making paper planes. He has competed in many different competitions and has won most of them. Dylan will do anything to help people get through hard times like when he talked to his father Jack about their recent loss.





JASON:Jason is another 15 year old boy who is Dylan's good friend as of the end of the world championships two years prior. Jason listens, offers good advice and is a considerate person and overall good friend, until the two fall out later in the movie.KIMI:Kimi is Dylan's great friend and girlfriend whom he met during the qualifiers for the world championships. Kimi values beauty more than anything and would rather create something beautiful than winning any competition.JOHN:John is a new character in the sequel, he is Dylan’s babysitter in Darwin aside from Kimi, he helps Dylan with his old friend Jason. He is funny, sarcastic, caring, and athletic. He is Dylan's babysitter because Jack has to head back to Waleup because of his job. Played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.


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