[2015] gabrielledcbrowning: Taking Flight

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[2015] gabrielledcbrowning: Taking Flight

Taking Flight

Michaela DePrince

This sory takes place in Sierra Leone, Guinea, Ghana, and many different states all throughout the United States. This book covers Michaela Deprince's life from 1997to 2013.


Michaela DePrince, a young dancer who escaped war-torn Sierra Leone for the select heights of American ballet. She was known as number 27 at the orphanage she was abandoned at around the age of 2. The orphanage staff called her the "Devil Child" for a skin condition she has that makes her skin look spotted. This skin condition is called Vitiligo. It is at this horrendous place that Michaela would find a picture of a beautiful ballerina en pointe that would help change the course of her life. Through many good and horrifying experiences Michaela is now a part of her dreams.


Never be afraid to folllow your dreams. You will never become yourself if you don't.


This book made me feel extremely sad at sometimes. Other parts in the book grossed me out. After reading this book I realized how lucky I am to have been born in the United States and have the freedom that I have.

Personal Reaction

My favorite character is Michaela. I like her because she always fights for herself and follows her dreams. I dislike the orphanage staff in Sierra Leone because of how badly they treated the children.

Never be afraid to be a poppy in a field of daffodils, because that is the only way you can make it.~ Michaela DePrince



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