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Social Studies

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Rules• Take your shoes off when you enter someone's home.• Get used to the interrogation.• If you want someone to come to you, wave them over with your fingers turned down. • Don't give a person an umbrella- it's an omen that you'll never see each other again.• Taiwanese tend to laugh if something bad happens to you. They only wish to lighten an awkward situation.• Never show anger

Meeting and Greeting• A nod of the head or a slight bow is polite greeting.• "Have you eaten?’ is a standard greeting.• Both men and women shake hands.


Body Language• Never use your feet to move an object . Feet are considered dirty.• Men should not cross their legs, but rather place both feet on the floor.• Putting an arm around another's shoulder, winking and pointing with your index finger are all considered rude gestures.

Dining and Entertainment• Good topics during diner include art, family, and Chinese sightseeing.• Toasting is common. When someone pours you a drink, tap the table three times with your middle finger. • Always leave a little food on your plate when finished.• Don't be surprised if the Taiwanese spit bones on the table or floor. •Tea symbolise the end of the party.

Gifts• Present and receive a gift with both hands.• Avoid giving cutting tools as they symbolize the cutting off of friendships. • Don't present a clock. The phrase "to give a clock" sounds like "to attend a funeral". • Don't give a handkerchief . Taiwanese believe it will bring them bad fortune.

Face is similar to the Western concept of a good reputation, only more highly valued. It is gained by demonstrating the willingness to share.

Kuanhsi is vital for business success in Taiwan. It is a social bond between people. Kuanhsi is established through shared bonding experiences, such as dining and karaoke singing.

When meeting a group of people, it's nice to greet the eldest person first. Placing your right hand over your left fist and raising both hands to your heart is a greeting of respect for the elderly.

Respecting age

The people of Taiwan value hard work, patience, friendliness and respect for others. They are highly motivated and centered around the family.

Taiwan is an island state off the coast of China.

Dressing for Business• Ladies should wear attractive dresses, skirts, or suits with slacks. • Gentlemen should wear suits and ties, and above all, good leather shoes.

Corporate Culture• Punctuality is appreciated.•Allow your counterparts in Taiwan to set the negotiation pace. Don't set deadlines. • People in Taiwan will generally not say a direct "no." Instead, they may say, "We'll try." "Yes" may mean, "I understand."• The spoken word is the contract.


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