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Social Studies

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Quick factsArea: 6,000 square kilometersPopulation: 23 millionCapital: Taipei CityLanguage: Mandarin/Taiwanese/Hakka/Indigenous LanguagesReligion: Buddhism/Taoism/Christianity/Islam

Main Attractions Museums: National Palace Museum, National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, National Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Shung Ye Museum of Formosan Aborigines, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, National Taiwan Museum Taipei 101 (world's 3rd tallest building) Most popular souvenirs and local products: electronics, local fruit and seafood Most popular local food: Taiwanese beef noodles (niúròu miàn), aiyu (àiyù) jelly, Taiwanese oranges (li?dīng), Taiwanese porridge (zhōu)

FeaturesA world class city Asia's 2nd richest city per capitalOne of the world's leading electronics and R & D centers. Capital of Taiwan Great museums

Taiwan is an island nation located off the coast of south-eastern mainland China. The island is officially known as and governed by the Republic of China. The nation is home to more than 23 million people and is one of the most densely populated places in the world. Taiwan is also known for steep mountains and lush forests.

Táiwān 台灣

Taipei city

Taiwan is shaped like a sweet potato!

Chiang Kai Shek memorial hall

Taiwanese foodTaiwanese foods place an emphasis on ingredients’ original flavor. A light taste and fresh ingredients are their main features. As Taiwan is an island, seafood is in ready abundance and has become a major focus of Taiwanese dishes. As to cooking styles, sautéing and stir-frying are used widely as they have been found to best preserve ingredients’ freshness and nutritional goodness.

HistoryThe city started as village. 1624 The Dutch land on Taiwan and set up a colony and defeated a small Spanish fort. 1662 A anti-Qing army under Koxinga conquered the island and drove out the Dutch. 1895 The Empire of Japan conquered the island. 1930s The Japanese implemented a program of industrialization and Japanese education. Taipei developed a high level of human skills and important infrastructure such as roads, railroads, and hydroelectric power resources. 1945 The Chinese Nationalists government took over the country, and direct foreign investment, privatization and government supported pioneering research in electronics and information technology has transformed Taipei to one of the world’s leading IC manufacturing and high-tech research centers. 1948~1950 Millions of mainland Chinese fled to the territory.1991 Taiwan held its first election for the legislature. 1996 The first presidential election was held, and Taiwan became a democracy.

Taiwan is the fifteenth most densely populated country in the world

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