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Animals in the taiga include foxes, lynxes, bears, minks, squirrels, grey wolves, caribou, reindeer and moose, snowshoe hares, elk, wolverines, grizzly bears, Siberian tiger, birds, eagles , owls, falcons and snow geese Animals living in the taiga need to stay warm. Many animals have thick coats. Siberian tiger has a thick coat, long legs and big paw. Even in the cold there are many animals that survive in the taiga

PlantsThere aren't that many plants in the taiga due to cold weather. But yet some seem to thrive in the cold. Including most mosses and many different types of trees including pine, white spruce, hemlock and Douglas fir. There are also many berry bushes that many animals use as a food source. These are all reasons why you should come to the taiga.

ClimateIn the taiga’s climate for around 6 months out of the whole year, the temperatures are below freezing. The annual rainfall is 12-33 inches, mostly snow. You should bring layers to wear under winter clothing like jackets and thick pants.


Stuff to do!Some activities that you could participate in are skiing, snowboarding, other snow sports, hiking, and enjoying the beautiful views. Some landmarks and cities include Moscow where you can visit the Kremlin, in Toronto you can see the CN tower, or you can go to Quebec and watch a hockey game.


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