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The climate of the Taiga is subarctic. In the winter, the average temperature stays around 27*F. In the summer the temperature is normally 50*F and above

Some endangered animals of the taiga are the Snow Leopards, Siberian Tiger, and European Mink. Laws have been passed by the governments for the conservation of endangered animals in Taiga.

Many of the animals that live in the taiga forest are able to change color based on the time of year. As the seasons change rapidly, the weather goes from one extreme to another

There are many interesting animals in the taiga, animals such as lynxes, grey wolves, caribou, & reindeer. Lynx are known to climb trees or swim in order to catch their prey. Wolves have unique howls, like fingerprints, that scientists and other pack members can use to tell them apart.

Interesting Facts

Some plants common in the taiga are the Balsam Fir, Black Spruce, Douglas-fir, and Eastern Red Cedar. The balsam fir can grow to be 60 to 70 feet high. A special use of the black spruce trees leaves is distillation for perfume. The lifespan of a Douglas-Fir Tree is anywhere from 500 to 1,000 years.



Possible threats of the Taiga

A siberian tiger in the Taiga

A grey wolf howling

located in North America, Asia, and Europe

A reindeer in its habitat

Life in the Taiga

Weather and Climate


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