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Weather and Climate

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Plants Balsam Fir Black Spruce Eastern Red Cedar Paper Birch White Spruce

The Taiga

Climateaverage climate per year: -32 degrees F (0 degrees C)major type of vegetation: coniferous evergreens latitude range: 50-60 degrees North Latitudeunder Köppen's classification system: Dfb and Dfc. average temp per year: 32 degrees F (0 degrees C)average precipitation per year: 40 inches

Geography Found in Russia, Canada, USA, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and a bit of Iceland, Mongolia, Scotland, and Japan South of the Tundra and North of the Temperate Forests and Grasslands North of 50⁰ N and South of the Arctic Circle

Hot Spotsclimate change - permafrost thawing; affects animals clearcutting - the process of cuttign down trees in desiganted ares; erosion

Animals American Black Bear Long Eared Owl Red Fox River Otter Iberian Lynx

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