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Weather and Climate

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Taiga Glog

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Need a Get away??? Well, the Taiga is just what you need! The Taiga is Full of must see scenery and many activities for you, such as watching the Northern lights in Scandinavia, sight seeing in Finland, or hunting in Alaska. Whether your just on vacation with family, a significant other, or just you, all of these things are must sees!

Total precipitation in a year is 30-85 cm. (12-33 in.). The forms the precipitation comes in are rain, snow and dew. Most of the precipitation in the taiga falls as rain in the summer.

What to ExpectTaiga winter temperatures ranges from -65 to 30 degrees Ferinheight, with large amounts of snow. In the summers Temperatures range from 20 to 70 degrees ferinheight. summers are mostly, warm, rainy and humid..........

Animals you might see-Members of the Weasel family-Snow Shoe Rabbits-Red Deer, Elk, Reindeer

Plants you might see-some Lichens and Moss-Pines-Douglas firs

Finland is aMust See!

See it now! Go see the Virgin Forests in Russia, they will soon be gone, due to lumber companies, they will soon be cut down, so do it now before its to late!

Taiga Includes-Canada, scandanavia, AlaskaFinland, Siberia, Russiaand much more!



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