Taiga Forest

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Taiga Forest

The Taiga Forest

The weather of the Taiga forest includes long, cold winters and short, wet summers. The common occurrence of a wild fire during the summer is a good thing, since it takes out old and dying trees and plants to make room for new growth. Precipitation is genuinely high, taking the form of snow during the winter, and rain during the summer. The total precipitation in this biome is about 10 to 30 inches a year. The Taiga Forest is located in the Northern Hemisphere, found in North America, throughout Asia, and Northern Europe.

Plants of The Taiga Forest:Needleleaf coniferous trees (ex. Spruce, Fir, Pine), some broadleaf deciduous trees, and small berry-bearing shrubs.

Animals of the Taiga forest:Grizzly bear, Brown Hare (as well as other various hares...), Gray Wolf, Caribou, Beaver, Elk, songbirds, migratory birds, Lynx,

Grizzly BearOmnivorePrimary & Secondary consumer

Pink Mountain HeatherProducer

Brown HareHerbivorePrimary consumer

Black HuckleberryProducer

Gray WolfCarnivoreSecondary Consumer

CaribouHerbivorePrimary consumer

Canadian BeaverHerbivorePrimary Consumer

Yellow Birch TreeProducer

ChickadeeHerbivorePrimary consumer


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