Taiga Biome

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Taiga Biome

Taiga Biome

Taiga Biome Packing ListRain gearRunning shoesFlashlight with extra batteriesBand-aidsBackpack for canoe tripsSwimsuitTent

Timber Wolf-largest wild canine, and lives for about 17 years. Average litter size is 5 or 6. They are born in a rock cavity or hole in the ground.Red Deer-largest wild animal in the country. They shed their antlers every year in March or April. They are one of the most adaptable beasts in nature. They can adust themselves to thrive in almost any surrounding.Lagomorph-they are medium herbivorous(plant eating), fast moving mammals. They represent rodents. Adult females can have many litters each year. Lagomorph means hare-shaped.Mink- Mink are nocturnal. They give birth to a litter size 2-10 babies each year. They mate usually between March or April and give birth in April, May, or June. They start hunting at about eight weeks old. They are highly prized for their fur, which is chocolate brown and a white chest. They can live up to five years but usually live from 3-4 years.Lynx- a solitary cat that hunts at night. They are skilled hunters that have great hearing (they have a tuff on its ear that acts as a hearing aid) They hunt at night and are rarely seen by humans. They mate in early spring or late winter.

Timber Wolf

Red Deer




FirProduces seeds in cones or needles. Grows in a pyramid shape. Has smooth, thin bark.

People Living in the Taiga Biome

Lingonberry BushIt has edible berries that grow on it and are picked in the wild.

Fun FactsThe Taiga Biome is the largest biome in the world.The worlds oldest trees can be found in the taiga. One was 4,500 years old!The Taiga Biome covers 11 percent of the earth.The Taiga Biome is below freezing for 6 months.The taiga is also known as the Boreal or Evergreen forest.

LedumIs also know as Labrador Tea. Has white petals and has little fruit drooping out of it.

White PoplarThey don't live long.It is illigal to plant them on streets in some cities because they block pipes. It's wood is soft and weak. Poplars are used for wood.

Balsam FirIt has a wide base, narrow top shallow root system, and goes sizes from small to medium.

Weather ReportTemperature- In winter it would be an average of bellow 4 degrees F and below 20 degrees C. In summer it would be an average of 64 degrees F and 18 degrees C. Precipitation- average amount of rainfall is 12-23 inches and 30-84 centimeters. It mostly rains in the summer.


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