Taiga Biome

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Taiga Biome

AnimalsThe animals in a taiga are moose, finches, squirells, elk, vule, and wolverines.

PrecipitationPrecipitation in a taiga is usually snowy and rainy. There is lots of snow during the winter and overrall rainfall every year is 10 to 20 inches.

ClimateThe climate in a taiga is usually cold and snowy. During the year, winters are snowy and summers reach up to about 20 degrees celsius.

Interesting Facts About Taigas1. They have wildfires often2. "Taiga" is the Russian word for forest.3. The low temperature during winter can be as low as -70 degrees fahrenheit

Locations of TaigaMost taigas are located in Russia, Asia, Europe, and North America

VegetationThere are lots of plants in taigas. Some plans are the balsim fir, black spruce, douglas fir, eastern red cedar, jack pine, paper birch, siberian spruce, white fir, white poplar, and white spruce.

Taiga Biome ProjectBy: Aditya BirlaMrs.Garcia

Taigas are one of the biggest, most diverse biomes in the world. The tepmerature is mild during summer but extremely cold in the winter! Taigas have many forms of life and many forms of them.

Many types of precipitation fall in taigas. Snow, sometimes hail and even sleet after rain! Taigas are usually in north places like greenland, Canada, Ruyssia, and many parts of Europe and Asia.

There have been many conservation plans to save taigas in Russia, Greenland, and other places. Taigas are being cut down because of there many recources and flat land for homes and buildings. Save the Taiga!

There have also been many oil spills and human damages to taigas and other ecosystems. Endangered species of plants and animals have been hurt this way. There have been laws passed preventing this, but many people still do this.

Taigas are one of the most beautiful biomes created in my opinion. They are being entire ecosystems destroyed and animals and plants going extinct because of us. We should conserve our resources and save the taiga!


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