Taiga Biome

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Taiga Biome

This is an coniferous tree. It is able to survive the harsh climate of the Taiga because it has adapted itself to the weather. Its adaptations include its shape that helps shed snow. Its long needles also help it collect water and photosythesise easily, andabsorb heat. These help because with the cold temperatures, the need to be able to make their own food and stay "warm", just like humans.

The Taiga

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On the right is the Wolverine. With its thick fur and aggressive carnivorous behavior and fighting tacticks, the Wolverine has adapted to the scarce plant life/food and harsh temperatures of the Taiga. The Wolverine fights for its food so that he is able to store as much fat as possible to survive the harsh cold temps where there is little vegetation. Also, the Wolverine has a thicker coat so that it can withstand the cold. Finally, the Wolverine has learned to dig underground for its shelter so that its can keep warm during the winter. On the left is the Grizzly Bear. It has adapted to the Taiga because it has extra fur and skin for warmth, plus has a great sense of smell that will sense when predators come to eat their young. Finally, they eat a lot of food during the summer, spring, and fall, that let them hibernate during the winter and store their fat.

-The temperature range during the winter is -54 to -1 degrees celcius, and in the summer it can be -7 to 21 degrees celcius.-Average rainfall is 12-33 inches-this consists of snow and rain-Because of this harsh climate, only conifer trees, such as fir, pine, tamarack, and spruce can live in the Taiga. Sometimes, aspen and birch are also able to survive. Also there are some, but not many, fungi that are able to withstand the temperatures.-The Thrush, Crossbill, Eagle, Raven, Rough legged Buzzard, Long eared Owl, Moose Lynx, Beaver, Snowshoe Hare, Lemming, Caribou, Black Bear, Bobcat,Red Fox, River Otter, Grizzly Bear, Wolverine, and Gray Wolf, all thrive in the Taiga.

This is a aspen tree. It is able to survive the Taiga because of its adaptation that alows it to become very bendy so that it won't break under the weight of the snow. This also causes the snow to just fall off of it. This way it can access the sun more easily for photosynthesis.


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