[2014] ryastijp (Room 208): Taiga Biome

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[2014] ryastijp (Room 208): Taiga Biome

Climate • Long cold winters • Wet summers • Cold wind • Snow falls in the winter • Rain falls in the summer

Spruce GrouseThe Spruce Grouse is one of the only animals that can eat conifer needles.CrossbillThe Croossbill can use its strang-looking beak to break apart cone scales.

WolverineWolverines have large feet and long claws to help make them good climbers.


BeaversBeavers can use their large front teeth to chop down trees.

Snowshoe HaresSnowshoe Hares have gray-brown fur in the summer,and in the winter their fur is white so they can blend in with the snow.

EvergreenTheir roots grow downward in order to protect the tree from powerful winds.



Conifer TreeThe conifer's needles have a waxy coating that helps keep them from drying out in the cold.Conifer SeedConifer seeds have papery "wings", so when the wind blows it could send a conifer seed farway to create a new forest in a different area.

White SpruceThe White Spruce retains heat in its needles.

DECOMPOSERS• Shelf Fungus• Monera• Fungi

Human Impact• Deforestion-humans cutting down trees for wood• People cut down too many trees, which destroys animals' environment.

Fun FactsMany song birds migrate north in the summer and nest.Thats were a big part of are song birds come from.


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