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Tahra Panah

Jerediah Smith

My name is Jerediah Smith I was born on 1799 and died on 1828.I was born in New York and explored for the United States.I also rediscovered the South Pass

Jerediah Smith Explored San Diego,Northern California and Monterey.

When Jerediah Smith was 22 he moved to Saint Loise.One time Jerediah Smith saw a add in the news paper that said,young men trapping and exploring for fur.This add was from the Fur Trapping Company and Jerediah Smith was interisted.So for the rest of the few years Jerediah Smith was trapping animals and exploring.A few years later Jerediah Smith decided with his two friends to bye$ the Rocky Mountan company and he and his friends made it to there own fur company and they called it Smith,Jack-son and Sublette fur company and so for on they had there own fur company.

When Spanish were putting Missions in California,w-hile Amaricans were fighting in war for ind-ependence on The East Coast. Amaricans were going to the West,untile 1826 they did real seriouse exploring in California.

When Jerediah Smith retired from hunting and trapping animals and gave up the Smith,Jack-son and Sublette fur company.But it did not mean that Jerediah Smith journys were over,the United States decicded to offer him to travel the world to find new places and be a hero and make history, and so Jerediah Smith accsepted the offer.So for a long time Jerediah Smith traveled the world on land by horse and he descovered very intresting places like Northern Califonia, Sand Diego and also Monterey.

Jerediah Smith wasa American mountan man,explorerand hunter. One day Jerediah Smith was killed by indians while traveling.his body was never found

By;Tahra Panah

I think Jerediah Smith is a intrestin-g man you should read about him and learn about his life.it is a intrestin-g story well your story awaits you



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