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2013 Inagural Address


Taxedo allows you to make word clouds from text - it isolates the most frequently used words within a work and sizes them based on that (the more frequently a word is used, the larger it appears within the cloud). Using this program allows students to isolate main ideas, themes and important concepts in speeches, writings, and even their own work.Taxedo is different from other word cloud generators in that it allows users to use a variety of different sources for their text, and also allows the word clouds to be formed into a variety of different shapes.

Unlike other word cloud generators, users can use text via uploaded text files, or link to URL to access text directly from a webpage, as well as entering text directly into a text box on the site. This makes taxedo much more flexible.

Tagxedo options allow you to change the color of the words, their positioning (whether the words or horizontal or vertical), the shape the cloud is presented in and more. Under "word/layout" options, you can also remove words from the cloud, change how they are emphasized, and make other custom adjustments

Use Tagxedo to:- Isolate thematic ideas in literature or speeches- Analyze students' own writing to determine used (or overused) words- Isolate important vocabulary words or terms from informational text- Use to supplement text-based analysis of literature or informational text

The Emancipation Proclamation



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