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Tacoma art museum

Tacoma Art MuseumMy Cultural Engagement Experience

Art is a Culture?!ABSOLUTLY! And a foreign one to me! Existing within this broad culture is a plethera of subcultures, spanning the all places and time. For over 20 years I have lived within 20 minutes of a beautiful museum and art district. I have never been. The artistic part of my brain has never 'clicked' for me, leaving me little interest most of my life, out of envy if I'm being honest.Upon entering the Educational Studies degree program I have come to meet a notable amout of art majors, or those specializing to be art teachers. This observation intrigued me. And upon receiving this assignmet, I knew I wanted to try to enter the art world and attempt to feel what motivates, drives, regulates, impassions, stimulates and possess so many. After all, cutlure influences these characteristics and so much more. I needed to know why this was the medium so many chose to reach out to children with. This poster will share what I learned about not only all those students and thier teaching decisions, but about myself.

Over all my experience was postive, mainly becuase I made it and because I brought my boyfriend, my sense of normalcy. Most of my uncomfort came from the museum aspect, not the art aspect, the museum experience is just as foreign to me. I didn;t know how loud to talk. I didn't know where I was going, even with a map. Everyone looked at my like I didn't belong, or at least my subconscious thought they were. I didn't know if their was an appropriate pace; was too fast disrespectful to the piece? Is to slow annoying people? I noticed a small group of people talking by a peice; do they know each other? Did the piece spark a conversation amongst strangers? I made subtle attempts to fit in such as polite nods. I had zero intentions of verbally engaging; way to intimidating, which now sounds silly almost to admit. I got smiles to reciprocate my nods and felt accepted momentarily by a few. All of these feelings translate to how a culturally diverse child could feel inside the classroom. Isolation, non-involvment, fear, rejection, and hopefully some, even if fleeting, feelings of acceptance. Upon teaching these children I will relfect back on what helped me get throught the experience and remember it was the comfort of my boyfriend, whom stood for something I knew and trusted. Providing a level of comfort, trust and acceptance will be key to including the culturally diverse child.

Without me knowing it, I couldn't have picked a better time to come. Some local students had put together a temporary exhibit highlighting the local culture. While I was unable to take photos inside this exhibit, their breadth of talent ranged from hand drawings and paintings to large 3D installations. This exhibit also highlighted our lessons and chapter on youth culture, especially our lecture on the exponential use of technology, as a few pieces involved the usage of advanced technology in either the creation or display. Explanations showing research and critical thinking accomplanied most pieces. I found myself noticing the many ways the art challenged the students other than just creating. I was the most grateful for this room and the answers it gave me about the value students receive and the reasoning so many chose this teaching path; grateful because the rest of the museum left me lost and feeling out of place.

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A little humor on my part tying in our lecture by Jen Holladay!

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