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Social Studies

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Colorado ConnectionMy Colorado connection is that I had three mines during the silver boom. I also opened one opera house in Colorado; it is the Tabor Opera House.I also lived in colorado for the most of my amazing life.

EducationI didnt have any education till I was 16. Then I went to high school and then went to the University of Vermont. But I only stayed there for one year.

Early LifeWhen I was little I liked to go into mines to see if I could find silver.I would also see if there were any sticks of dynamite that I could take to the sherrif and get a candy.

Date of BirthNov 26, 1830 in Holland, VT

Horace Tabor

Date of Death1899

Why FamousI'm famous because when I was little, my family had no money. That all changed when the silver boom came. I opened three mines and was known as the Silver King!

My FamilyMy mother was Sarah Ferrin and my father was Cornelius Tabor. I had one sister and two brothers. I married Augusta Pierce in 1857. After my divorce in 1883, I married Elizabeth "Baby Doe" McCourt. We eventually had two daughters.

Moving AroundIn 1850, we moved from Kansas to Colorado to mine for gold. After we became rich, we moved to Denver in 1879.

Other Things I DidI started several mining companies and spent alot of money. I was also a store owner, postmaster, Lieutenant Governor and a senator.

The EndMy mines made millions of dollars and we traveled, wore expensive clothes and attended grand parties. In 1893, the silver crash came and we lost everything. IHAD TO SELL MY MANSION AND DIED ALMOST PENNILESS.

When SenatorI was a senator starting in 1830 through 1890. Man that was alot of responsibility.So many papers it took a long time. Can you belive I was a senator.


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