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Tabacco Free

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Reason #4 Social EffectsFinally, think of all the other effects of cigerettes. Think of the smell! It's impossible to get out. Not to mention how it will stain your teeth and your fingers. And, really, how many people like hiring/dating/talking to smokers? Watch this video for more info.

Reasons To Be Tobacco Free

Reason #3 The Cost of AddictionThis is probably a bit more selfish a reason than the other two, but it's still important. A single pack of cigarettes can cost as much as 5$, and that's not counting the other costs! See here to find out more about the other costs of smoking.

Reason #2 Secondhand SmokeIf that didn't convince you, try thinking of other people. You know that when you smoke, that smoke has to go somewhere, right? And other people are somewhere, right? So it stands to reason that they have to endure your habit, whether they want to or not. See want can happen to them here.

Reason #1: Lung CancerWe've all heard of lung cancer. Yeah, a bad thing. And a good reason to not or stop smoking. Not only is it disgusting when you look at it, have you ever thought of the symptoms? Or how deadly it is? See here.

Reasons not to smoke

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