[2015] Tiffney Marshall: T. Marshall (All About Me)

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[2015] Tiffney Marshall: T. Marshall (All About Me)

Digital Storytelling

In my future life I can see myself traveling and training or riding horses (Preferably Clydesdale). I also imagine myself working on filming and movie production in film, possibly after traveling. I would also like to leave in a nice sized house and own a farm with nothing but Clydsdale and Gypse horses. And I would also like to become an Author and write film plays. But,I would prefer to live by myself and enjoy the things that most make me happy in life.

The different hobbies I do are reading, writing, Horse back riding, drawing(steampunk), and planning events. I like doing these things becuase they take a lot of work and have inspired me to be who I am today. I especially like to plan events with different themes, and am working on one right now with a renissance theme.


The Story about Tiffney Marshall

Future Life

My goals in life would be to Go to Sante Fe University of Art and Design because it is a unique college that host many artist around the world and teach many things I would want to major in. I also would like to meet Stan Lee who wrote a lot of Marvel Universe Comics, because I love comics.


An experince that I have is drawing and working with animals, I have loved animals since I was little and have had many pets, And I love art and anime and work on it alot. And at the moment I am working to train/work with horses and intern vets.

I live with my mom who works as a Techer assistant and also teachers school at my church, who my uncle is the pastor of. I aslo have a dog named Juwanna who has lived with us for about three years now and is a Syberian Husky mix. She is fully trained, and likes to go hunting with my dad and loves to eat (mainly rabbits or anything else), she is a spoiled brat, but is very protective and a good looke out and hunt dog.

My Passions



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