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Cell Biology

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T-CELLS T-cells are a type of white blood cells that fight and protect the body from infections and diseases. This is done in two major ways:- - Directing and regulating immune responses - Attacking cancerous and infected cells


T CELL RECEPTORThrough T-cells receptors T-cells can recogconize the antigens or diseases that enter the body. Antigens are only recogconized when they are carried on the surface of the cell MHC molecules MHC molecules are proteins that t cells recognize when they differentiate between self and nonself antigens.

The ligand The ligand for t cells are antigens. Antigens are toxins and foreign substances that enter the body causes the immune system to produce antibodies.

current research Find out the transduction pathways that are crucial to the T-cell response.

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SIGNAL TRASDUCTION PATHWAY1. Antigens are detected on the cell surface when the machrophage digests a particle.2. T cells can read the antigen on the macrophage once the helper t cells grab on to the marcrophage.3. Helper T Cells becomes activated if the antigen is a nonself antigen which means that it is harmful.4. Once Helper T Cells are activated they produce special proteins to signal other immune cells to fight the antigen.5. All immune cells rush to get rid of the antigen and killer T Cells kills the antigen.

CORRECT MECHANISMthe correct mechanism is that the immune system fights and detects the antigens or the toxins that invade the body.

cellular/ organismal responseT cells never work alone, they work with other immune cells that help fight antigens which gives the immune system a control in how it reacts.An immune response would be fever and imlamation that would help control local infections.


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