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t-bearz lolz

1860 April 3

Hi my name is Arthor, and i'm an orfan. I'm fourteen years old. I'm part of the Pony Express. The sign I saw looked like it could be fun so I joined. I bought my first stallion. I named him Lighting Bolt because hes very fast, just what I need. I'm poor so i can't aford much stuff. We have to travele by horse thats pretty bumpy.I brought my diary of course becase I m writing in it. And I broughtmy stuffed animal, i've had it for my hole life. And my old betsy.I saw my first water fall and saw my first elk. It was huge.It's early June 1860 and the indians stole our mail... It was my shift and he got in on my time!Today I made my own shirt. Wow I didn't know it took so much work. I've been working on it for like 2 weeks. I'm proud of my self. It's made of yarn and sweat. But it smells good... to me. My orfan friend told me a story that a person that was delivering something and someone stole their horse and he had to walk the rest of the way.We had went from the pacific coast to the missouri river and back. We crossed some mountians.We stopped at 80 different stations.We brought along with us 400 horses, 80 riders, weapons, cornbread, grits, and maps.We ate many foods like rice, grits, deer meat, fish, and pheasants. We rosted all of those some of them we boiled.We didn't play games, we cleaned our guns.Our emotions were dusty very very dusty with 400 horses. I'm so skinney from the little that we got to eat.


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