T-27 and T-28 Fighting Vehicles of History

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World War II

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T-27 and T-28 Fighting Vehicles of History

T-27 and T-28 Fighting Vehicles

T-27 was a tankette made by the Soviet Union. About only 2,500 were every made. Saw action during the second world war. Design to be an armed scout vehicle. Its downfall was very limited in space for the crew, more advaced vehicles took to the field, and did poorly in snow and swampy conditions. So for the rest of the war this vehicle mainly used for training and towing AT guns.*Crew of 2*Weight of 3 tons*Armour 6-10 mm thick*1x 7.62 mm machine gun*Top speed 42 km/h

T-27 Tankette

T-28 Tank

T-28 was one of the first every medium tanks. Design in the Soviet Union for Infantry-Support and destrying fortified defences. Served in the second world war by the Soviet Union , as well as captured tanks in Finland, Hungary, and Germany. Only about 500 were every built. Its nickname was three headed Stalin's Monster. Since the tank has 3 turrents. Suffered from engine problems threw its service.*Crew of 6*Weight 28 tons*Armour 30 mm , later upgrade to 50-80mm thick*Armed with 76 mm main gun plus 4-5 machine guns*Top speed 23 mph


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