T-24/26 Tanks of History

by Stalin1
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Social Studies
World War II

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T-24/26 Tanks of History

T-24/26 Tanks

T-26 Tank

T-24 tank was Soviet built Medium tank. Only 24 were every built in 1931. Never saw sort of combat. Its major downfall was engine and transmission problems. Had 2 turrents , one on top of the main turrent. This tank in time would lead up to the more famous T-34 tank.*Crew of 5*Armed with 1x 45 mm gun and 3x 7.62 machine*Armour 8-20 mm thick*Wieght 18 tons*Top speed 16 mph

T-26 was Soviet light infantry tank. Used in many wars threw the years as well as world war 2. It was very succesful tank with over 50 varients made. 11,000 were produced at its peak. Serve until 1961 in Finland. T-26 was very simple to maintain. But by over all this is a very good tank.*Crew of 3*Weight of 9 tons*Armour 15 mm thick*Armed with 45 mm main gun and 1x 7.62mm machine gun*Top speed 20 mph


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