[2015] Melissa Litt (Rabe 15-16): Systems - Digestive System

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[2015] Melissa Litt (Rabe 15-16): Systems - Digestive System

System Parts*Boundaries-What are the outer parts of your system.?*Elements-What makes up your system?*Interactions-What happens inside your system?*Inputs-what goes into your system?*Outputs-What comes out of your system?

Systems - Digestive System

Digestive SystemThe human digestive system is one of the most famous systems. The boundaries would include skin and muscles. The elements consist of kidneys, the liver, and the esophogas. The interactions would include food getting broken down by teeth and having nutrients exracted. The inputs would include food, medicine, and liquids, while the outputs consist of human waste, gas, and mucas.


System Facts

System Facts*Interactions and outputs change when a system's inputs, elements, or boundaries change.*Systems can be productive or dysfunctional.*Many systems are made up of smaller systems.*Systems depend on other systems.*All systems have patterns.

By:Mel Litt



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