[2015] Ethan Wilson (Rabe 15-16): Systems

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[2015] Ethan Wilson (Rabe 15-16): Systems

A system usally consists of five of more components. These components sometimes enclude, the inputs, the outputs, the boundaries, the elements, and the interactions.

Inputs,Outputs, and Boundaies

The elemets of a system are the items inside of the system that create the interactions, like the gears of a train, the gears spin causing the train to move along the track making the train interdepent. Interactions, more speficially are what happens to the input and turns it into the output.

Interactions and Elements

Systems By:Ethan Wilson

Inputs as one would guess are what goes inside the system, outputs being what goes out, however sometimes changes when the imput is different, and boundaries are what keeps the system parts inside the system.



INPUT: Coal / EnergyOUTPUT: Productive TransportationINTERACTION: Gears and wheels turningELEMENTS: Gears, machinary, wheels, and an engineBOUNDATIES: MetalSMALLER SYSTEM INSIDE SYSTEM: Engine PATTERNS: More coal = More speed


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