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A system is made up of five key components. The Elements, Boundaries, Inputs, Outputs, and Interactions all go into making a system a system. If your "system" doesn't have these five things it is not actually a system. My system, a tree, has all these things. It's elements are wood and roots. It's boundaries are the trunk. It inputs water,minerals,sunlight, and carbon dioxide and outputs oxygen. It's interaction is how it makes the oxygen and releases it. All systems have patterns. A tree's pattern is: get Carbon Dioxide, make oxygen, get Carbon Dioxide make Oxygen. It continues that way for it's whole life.


Interactions are pretty self explanatory. They are when a system interacts with other things. Interactions are how your system gets it's inputs and makes it's outputs. A tree's interactions are getting the water, minerals, and sunlight, making the oxygen, and giving it back out to us.


System Change

A tree is a plant made up of five things in order to help us do everyday things. This system has a smaller system in it, the root system. If the root system is dysfunctional the tree can't get two of three "ingredients" for making us oxygen. If it fails at making oxygen it is a dysfunctional system. Being an interdepndent system, like all systems, it needs us to function. It needs our Carbon Dioxide to make our Oxygen.




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