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Algebra I

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System Project

Victoria Secret is having a sale, Isabella baught 5 lip gloss and 3 body lotions, she spent 55 reais. Marina baught 1 lip gloss and 5 body lotions. How much is each body lotion and each lip gloss?


Solving symbolically g is equal to the amount of lip gloss Marina and Isabella bought in Victoria Secret´s sale.b is equal to the amount of body lotion Marina and Isabella bought in the sale.

Answer: g=5b=10Each lip gloss costs 5 reais and each body lotion cost 10 reais.

System ProjectBy: Isabella Recco8-2

5g+3b=55-5b+25b=2750g -22b=-220 -22 -22b=10g+50=55g=55-50g=5


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