[2015] Nick Christner (Rabe 15-16): System of Obesity

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[2015] Nick Christner (Rabe 15-16): System of Obesity

The Obesity Issue can be observed as a system model. Obesity in the United States has become a big problem. Most of it starts when people are young and fat and it carries out into adulthood.

System of Obesity

Cycle Of ObesityInput: Fatty FoodInteraction: More Calories and Less Motovation to ExerciseOutput: Obesity~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~On The Other Hand...Input: Less exerciseInteraction: Eating More Than BurningOutput: Obesity


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Bigger You Are The More You Eat = The More You Eat The Bigger You Are~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

By: Nick

The system of obesity is composed of the following:- Less Exercise- Unhealthy food- More Indoor activity-Less Motivation/ Lazyness


If exercise was added to the system it would most likely balance out the fat content comming in from the unhealthy food.

System Change


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