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System Comparison

System Comparison

Water TransportSystem


Similarites & Differences

In the water transport system, the organs that are used are the stem, leaves and roots. Some of the tissues that are adapted to helping with the water transport system are xylem and the epidermis. The polar water molecules that created a chain will stick to the sides of the xylem (adhesion). In the leaf the tissue that is used is the epidermis, the exsisting water in the leaf will leave through the stomata and because water moves down a concentration gradient, the water in the spongy mesophyll with diffues down pulling the chain of water from the xylem into the leaf (transpirational pull). The roots will absorb water through osmosis, the water will build up pressure at the bottom of the stem will push up the water for a few metres. Through adhesion, cohesion and transpirational pull, the water will be pulled up to the xylem tissues. Due to transpiration water vapour will leave the leaf through the stomata.

In the repiratory system, the organs that are used are the lungs, trachea, bronchial tubes, mouth and nose. The organ used to help with the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide is the alveoli. The alveoli allow oxygen to get to the air sacks which surronded by capillaries. Oxygen will pass through the air sacks and the walls of the capillaries to the bloodstream. At the same time the Carbon dioxide will go into the air sacks, leaving the body when we exhale.

Some of the similarites of the water transport system and the respiratory system is when the water in the water transport system diffuses through the spongy mesophyll and oxygen in the respiratory system diffuses throught the air sacks. Another similarity is how the root has root hairs so it can absorb more water and how the bronchial has alveoli has airsacks to distribute more air to the body. Some of the differences in the two systems is the water transport system brings water to every part of the plant where as the respiratory system brings oxygen to the body.

Respiratory System

Water TransportSystem


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