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Syrian Poster

What is happening?The war. It was caused by anti-government demonstrations on March in 2011. It happened after peaceful protests turned into a violent war.

Who is suffering?The Syrian refugees are suffering. Eleven million refugees are either dead, on a dangerous journey, or at refugee camps.

Where is this taking place?This is happening in Syria. 7.6 million Syrians are internally displaced because of the war.

When is this happening?It is all happening now. It all started in March, 2011, but still goes on.

Why is this happening?The anti-government protests that caused the war. Also, that the peaceful protest quickly escalated to become a violent crackdown.

FactsMost Syrians are fleeing to their neighboring countries: Jordan and Lebanon. Most refugees are children.

How can we help?1. We can donate2. Spread the word to friends3. Start a campaign4. Sign a petition

Syrians Suffering

After the bombing in Syria

Sailing the dangerous Mediterranian Sea

Families desperate to get to safety

Children living at the dreadful refugee camps

Families desperate to get to safety


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